Monday, February 18, 2013

『 Japanese nostalgic snacks shop【夢ぎゃらりぃ】in Osaka,Japan』

『 Japanese nostalgic snacks shop【夢ぎゃらりぃ】in Osaka,Japan』

《※Recieved permission of taking this photo,写真撮影許可済》

Japanese nostalgic snacks =DAGASHI=駄菓子
It’s a small shop located inside of 『Namba Walk 』=「なんばウォーク」
... 【Location】★ 『Namba Walk 』=なんばWALK 3番街(3rd Street South)
★なんばWALK  3番街南街
It is a underground shopping center !!!!!

【open】 10:00~21:00
【Access】“Namba Station” of Subway Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line, and Yotsubashi Line, Kintetsu Line.
【NAMBA WALK floor →一番街(1st street→There is 1st street North&West&South),2番街(2nd street→ There is2nd street North&South),三番街(3rd Street→There is3rd street North&South)】

大阪市中央区難波1虹の町3-3 なんばwalk
【なんばWALK floor → 1番街(1番街西街、1番街北通街、1番街南街)、2番街(2番街北街、2番街南街)、3番街(3番街北街、3番街南街)

A place with fun snacks !!!

Now we can buy snacks anywhere ・・・
At the supermarket ,convenience store・・・etc

But Japanese town used to have a many “dagashi ”stores.
Now most of the “ Dagashi” stores dissappeared from the town.

But you can still find in some places.
So some Japanese people feel nostalgic and brings back their childhood memories.

Not only kids also adults can enjoy together !!