Friday, December 14, 2012


"g.u"  is UNIQLO  sister brand  store  !!

Low-cost  clothing  brand  for  Women, Men, Kids.

website →  (Sorry  only Japanese)

There is no  English  map so  check our  restaurant website English  map .

 Very near from our restaurant (It is about  30seconds' walk from our restaurant) and  it is inside of  Shinsaibashi  shopping arcade.


「ARIMA ONSEN in Kobe,Japan」

ARIMA  ONSEN is hotsprings(onsen) in Kobe, Japan.

( Arima-cho  Kita-ku  Kobe City ,Hyogo Prefecture, Japan )

☆ Arima Hot Springs Tourism  Association (Language: English/ Chinese/Korean)

☆ About  Arima Onsen  ( JAPAN  GUIDE)

☆ Official Kobe  Tourism site  「FEEL KOBE」  (Language: English/ Chinese/Korean)

☆ KOBE   Information Center  & Tourist  Information  Centers  (English)  (Chinese)  (Korean)

Onsen  feels  fantastic  on a cold night !

And  bathing   in an outdoor  hot  spring  spa  makes you feel  great  !!




Wednesday, December 12, 2012

「Free Wi-Fi 」 in Osaka , Japan

Our  restaurant  is  Wi-Fi  free!!!

We  provide  Wi-Fi  hotspots , so  please  enjoy    Japanese  style  table  barbeque "YAKINIKU" at our  restaurant !