Thursday, August 30, 2012

A cheaper way to Osaka from Kansai Airport!

A cheaper way to Osaka city from Kansai International Airport!

There are 2 railway options from the airport to Osaka city. One is the Nankai railway and the other is JR (Japan railway).
The Nankai railway used to be cheaper than JR, but JR currently offers discount tickets exclusively for foreign visitors.
The ICOCA card (Train and bus pass card) costs 4000 yen.
It includes 1 Kansai airport – Osaka city round trip ticket fare and 1500 yen worth of train and/ or bus fares.
Most public transport accepts the ICOCA card.
The ICOCA card is convenient for getting around the city. Just place the card closely to the sensor (located on the ticket gate). You can also use the ICOCA card to purchase drinks at vending machines (that have the ICOCA sign).
When the balance becomes zero, you can put more money into the card at ICOCA machines located at most stations.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Red leaves festival in Minoh, Osaka

Minoh no Momiji Matsuri (Red leaves festival in Minoh, Osaka)
Minoh is one of the best red leaves viewing spots in Osaka. Minoh station is located 20 minutes from Umeda, Osaka. Minoh park entrance is right by the train station.
Minoh waterfalls was selected as “One of Japan’s Top 100 waterfalls”. The waterfalls are 33m high and surrounded by red leaves.
It is a 2.7km hike (approximately 40 minutes) to the waterfalls.
Free Admission 
Leaves start changing colors in mid- November.
Late November is the best time to view red leaves.
You may encounter wild monkeys.
※10,000 yen fine if you feed monkeys
Near minoh train station, there’s Minoh Spa Garden (Hot spring facility), a perfect spot to relax.

■Minoh Spa Garden ■
Admission/ 900 yen
Holidays/ None

Monday, August 6, 2012

Shichiya (Pawnshop)

There are so many luxury brand shops in Shinsaibashi,
 but if you don’t want to pay full price, Shichiya (Pawnshop) might be a good option.
 You can get a bargain price for used or even unused top brand items.
You never know what you will find, check it out! You  may find a great-buy.
 Let us introduce a few of the many pawnshops in Shinsaibashi.