Thursday, June 14, 2012

[ hotel ]FIRST CABIN in Osaka

FIRST CABIN is new "compact" membership hotel with the image of first-class airplane.

In your room, there is  26-inch  TV , small table and bed.
free wired internet access.

Shared bathroom and toilet.

One night from  4800yen 
  *⇒Discount 3400yen(06.2012 check up)

Located in center Osaka, interesting facilities, nice staff and low price

4F Midousuji-Namba Bldg. 4-2-1 Namba, chuo-ku, osaka-shi Osaka 542-0076 JAPAN
direct access to Namba Station, exit 13 (Midousuji-line)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Firefly viewing spot in KYOTO 【 June 】

Shimogamo Shrine

To view released fireflies (not wild)

Take a city bus (Route #205) from Kyoto station, and get off at Shimogamo Shrine. One minute walk from the bus stop.

The fireflies are by the stream in the woods of Shimogamo Shrine

In early June, “Hotarubi no chakai (Firefly viewing event)”, 600 fireflies are released.

On the main street, “Nouryou ichi” takes place, with old Japanese shops selling Japanese sweets, soba and more.

Performances like Kagaku (Japanese traditional music and dance) and Jyuni hitoe no mai (Traditional dance in layers of kimono) are take place.

Firefly release scheduled around 19:50

Unfortunately, most of the fireflies no longer exist in the wild. They are either  protected or artificially raised by humans.