Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka

This museum has convey the importance of invention and discovery through a variety of instant noodles exhibition.

"My Cup Noodle Factory"
Make the original instant ramen *300 yen each
Buy a cup from a vending machine
Draw a picture on your own cup
Choose your favorite soup and ingredients
5460 combinations are as
Your ramen only one in the world

製品写真The Instant Ramen Museum
HANKYU Railway Takarazuka-Line "Ikeda "station
 5 minutes walk from station
Adress : 8-25 Masumi-cho Ikeda Osaka

Admission : free
Hours : 9:30am 〜 4:00pm
closed : every Tuesday

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"DARUMA" Japanese good luck charms

Darma does not fall due to the heavy bottom
it's a symbol of good fortune as it never let sit self down

when a person takes on a new challenge,  paints one black eye onto the doll's face.
 Later, once the challenge has been overcome or a dream realized, the second eye is painted in celebration of success.

KATSUO Temple (勝尾寺)
temple of the winner's luck
A good place to see the cherry blossoms. Also good foliage.
Dharma has lined up a lot in various places
adress : Katsuo-ji Temple, Mino City, Osaka,  562-8508

Entrance fee¥400
Hour8am~5pm; 8am~6pm on Sundays and national holidays

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dotonbori hotel in osaka

3min's walk from namba station

single 6,000yen~


Free rental bicycle

Free DVD rental

Free computer rental

wi-fi is available every room Free

  website →

Thursday, February 23, 2012

[sakura 2012] vol.1 Flowering cherry blossoms information

Seems to be slower than usual

Expected full bloom
   OSAKA  4/4〜4/11

          KYOTO  4/5〜4/12

   TOKYO  4/3〜4/9

May change depending on the weather there
More detailed information will be announced in March and will be
          *Forecast at the time of 22/02/2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NARUTO.NINJA shop "SHINOBIYA" Osaka Tenpozan market place

Ninja , Bushi , japanese item store

For children is made of rubber "shuriken".There is also a steel
Up to about 550 yen from 50yen

Naruto related items are sold out quickly for popular products

3rd floor  of Tenpozan market place (天保山マーケットプレイス)
     (The 2nd floor also has a "one piace" store) 
11:00am 〜 8:00pm     *holiday(27.28/06/2012)

subway:Chuo-line  "Osaka-ko"station.   5 minutes walk from Osaka-ko st.
There are shops in the vicinity of the Aquarium KAIYUKAN

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[ Souvenir ] Food sample store in osaka

Food in imitation

They are made ​​with resin. 
It can be complicated by the resin, you can look just like the food.
Sale only in Japan

"Doguyasuji shopping arcade"
Namba shopping district near the station, machinery and equipment related to food and cooking has been sold
There are fake like a real mistake to have sold

They sell in the BIC CAMERA and Tokyu Hands
You can find made ​​with it, watch mobile phone straps, and PC equipment

Saturday, February 18, 2012

[ Cheep ]Capsule Hotel (BACKPACKERS' ) in Osaka

Capsule-like, small sleeping space is your room.  (Mattress and blanket are already set up.)

 In your room (capsule), there is a flashlight, clock, radio and small TV.

There is a shower room, toilet, cafeteria, internet access room and coin laundry in the facility in the hotel. Some capsule hotels offer rooms for reading comics and playing games.

 The very small, capsule like room is comfortably air conditioned, making for a great night's sleep

Rates typically range from 2000 yen ~ 4000 yen per night.

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           Please come to our restaurant for your memorable night osaka.

     YAKINIKU ROKKO Shinsaibashi Osaka JAPAN 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello Kitty goods in Sanrio store Osaka

A specialist Sanrio character shop in Shinsaibashi Osaka JAPAN
 sells official goods  including “ Hello Kitty ”, “ My Melody, ” and more
Adress : 1-5-21 Shinsaibashisuji,Chuoku,Osaka
Mido-suji shopping arcade
Tel : 06-6258-9804
Metro : Shinsaibashi Station
Business Hours:11:00-20:30

Our Restaurant is a 4 minute walk from store
Please come to our restaurant for your memorable night.

YAKINIKU ROKKO Shinsaibashi Osaka JAPAN 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Our Restaurant] "NOMIHODAI" All You can drink!!

If you think you are having more than 3 drinks, use the  All you can drink deal.



 japanese sake,


chu-hi (calpis, yuzu, plum..and more),


→Our Web Site - Drink menu - click hear !!

For "All you can drink" courses,the entire party must order the same course.
We also offer an "All you can drink"plans.

★with Aplan(2050yen) plus  ALL YOU CAN DRINK1500yen
★with Bplan(2550yen) plus ALL YOU CAN DRINK 1300yen
★with Cplan (3050yen) plus ALL YOU CAN DRINK 1200yen

      Please come to our restaurant for your memorable night osaka.

YAKINIKU ROKKO Shinsaibashi Osaka JAPAN 

You have 2 hours to enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Okaki" "Osenbei"Harimaya- Osaka Midosuji Store

Harimaya- Osaka Midosuji Store

"Okaki" is a Japanese cracker made with glutinous rice.
Often with a soy sauce flavor, some okaki are sweet, and some are spicy. It has a taste usually favored by adults, not children.

You can sit down and do tasting at this famous Okaki store.
*Tasting is  200yen a plate
About 8 kinds of Okaki are available for tasting. 
Coffee, green tea, and regular tea are available for everybody. (Self service and all you can drink)

In addition to their regular products, they sell limited products found only at this store.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

OSAKA CRUISE (Osaka castle/Dotombori Tour)

After visiting Osaka castle, let .F N"s go to Dotonbori, one of Osaka N"s downtown areas by boat!
「AQUQ mini」
This tour links Osakajo Pier in Osaka Castle Park and Minatomachi Pier at Minatomachi River Place
One-way boat fare is 1000 yen
The 50-minute cruise
a ship in service : Saturday and Sunday only, from April to October.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

【Travel Guide】Hankyu tourist center, OSAKA,UMEDA

Hankyu tourist center, OSAKA,UMEDA, 2012,2/1 ,OPEN ! ! !
(Good location ,check the map here)

Staff  who can speak  English,Chinese,Korean and Japanese  is available.

Hours:8:00AM to 5:00PM

You can get  travel information here !

Have  a nice trip !!

Friday, February 3, 2012

FREE SHUTTLE BUS Osaka | Namba⇒Tsutenkaku

The bus runs every 30 minutes during the day between Tsutenkaku and Namba, or Tsutenkaku and SPA word..
Time table AM10:00~PM10;00 (at 30minute intervals.)

■Bus stop)
root1 Tsutenkaku---BIC-CAMERA---- TAKASHIMAYA(Department store)----Tsutenkaku
root2 Tsutenkaku-----Abeno Q's Mall---SPA word-----Tsutenkaku

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

JUMP SHOP(“NARUTO”, “BLEACH” ..) in OSAKA Yodobashi Umeda

"JUMP SHOP", on the 5th floor of Yodobashi Umeda, sells official goods from the popular Japanese comic book,"JUMP"
*24/02/2012 Renewal Open.

"ONE PIECE" is the most common items

NARUTO”, “BLEACH” ......

If you're looking for items to wear (costume)if that is not here.
Such as stationery and pins,keychains are dealing with mainly

JUMP Web site(English)→

Corner of capsule toy on the opposite side of the shop

Yodabashi- Umeda also has Yodobashi 
Camera (Electronics store), clothing stores and restaurants.
Yodabashi- Umeda 
1-1 Ofuka-cho Kitaku Osaka
open  9:30am~10:00pm

Please come to our restaurant for your memorable night osaka.