Thursday, January 13, 2011


『UMEDA JOYPOLIS』=『Sega Amusement Theme Park』

An indoor amusement park .

One of the largest in the Kansai area.

Thrilling attractions is popular.
「Wild River」「Let's Go Jungle Special」「Sky Crusing」・・・.
☆Attraction ticket fee →※passport 2200yen
                                  ※for 3 attractions 1400yen
                                    ※  for 5 attractions  2100yen

Also game corner , 30of seal printing equipments.

★Inside this building →HEP FIVE (English)

★8floor &9floor (HEP FIVE)→ )

★Website of 「Umeda Joypolis」→

Contact: o6-6366-3647
Hours: 11:00~23:00
Regular holidays:Irregular
Access:one-min walk from Hankyu Line / Subway Umeda Station or 5-min walk
from JR Osaka Station.

There is also 『Tokyo Joypolis』→ (English)
The largest  in JAPAN.

Maybe 『Umeda Joypolis』 is the best place for game lovers in Osaka.

Japanese style BBQ all-you-can-eat restaurant 『YAKINIKU ROKKO』
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Friday, January 7, 2011

【osaka hotels】APARTMENT HOTEL

There are many tourists stay in the apartment hotel  recently.

★Good for couple,  family, group.

★Economical  Daily,Weekly and Monthly.

★Kitchen and laundry facilities

English website→

Good location ! ! In the middle of OSAKA.

Easy to go to KYOTO ,NARA and also KOBE.

Japanese style BBQ  all-you-can-eat restaurant 『YAKINIKU ROKKO』
in Shinsaibashi,Osaka,Japan
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

【Kyoto】MACHIYA, traditional Japanese house』

Most of the foreign tourists visits KYOTO when they travel to JAPAN.

Kyoto is the historic  place and Japanese culture  still survive in the city.

I like the atmosphere of Kyoto.

It is comfortable to stay in normal hotels  but if you want you can
experience Kyoto's traditional lifestyle in 「MACHIYA」townhouse.

「MACHIYA」 is a traditional Japanese house.

I found some English website of 「MACHIYA」that you can stay.

Machiya residence inn →
(Where you can rent out an entire MACHIYA ,traditoinal
    townhouse all to yourself.)


(Luxuriously resorted MACHIYA townhouse)

guest house KAZARIYA →
(Traditional Japanese Style cheap  guest house hostel)

My grandfather and grandmother used to live in Japanese traditional
townhouse but I have never lived in and longing to live in a 「MACHIYA」

I hope you have a nice time in Kyoto !

And also waiting  for you  in  Osaka!

Japanese style BBQ all-you-can-eat restaurant 『YAKINIKU ROKKO』
in Shinsaibashi,Osaka,Japan

Monday, January 3, 2011

【shopping】『TOKYU HANDS』 in Osaka ,Japan

『TOKYU HANDS』 is  interesting department store.


Lifestyle goods supplier offers health products, daily lifestyle goods, stationary, and more.
You can find products that are popular throughout Japan at Tokyu Hands!
There is also a bookstore on the basement level (B1F).
Duty-free tax exemption procedures can be handled at the 1F information center (ENGLISH) (中文)

You can get sovenirs of Japan→

★TOKYU HANDS  Shinsaibashi store →
Business hour 10:30am~8:30pm
(Near from our restaurant.)

Look out for this big green TOKYU HANDS signs


3-4-12 Minami-Semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

【shopping】『BIC CAMERA』discount electronics store in Osaka

『BIC CAMERA』 is a huge discount electronics store.
And it is a famous place.

There  is a store guide in English ,
「BIC CAMERA」in Tokyo→
(There is no English store guide about BIC CAMERA in  Osaka,
so please ask your hotel staff the place of the store .)

★Store information of BIC CAMERA in Osaka
Business hour 10:00am~9:00pm
You can buy digital cameras ,computers,DVD players,
video cameras,games,watches and much more.

And there is also a 『100yen shop』 inside BIC CAMERA in Osaka.
「100yen shop CAN DO」English website→
Business hour 10:00am~8:30pm
100yen shop is popular among foreign tourists as a souvenir.
(Every thing is 100yen!!)

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【Manga】『MANDARAKE』 comic shop in Osaka

MANDARAKE is a chain of stores that sell new and used manga,
anime CD,DVD,figures and many kind of Japanese manga related goods.

Two MANDARAKE stores in Osaka.

★Umeda store map →

★Grand chaos(Osaka) store →
Location in Osaka's Amerika Mura .
Business hour 12:00am~8:00pm

Grand chaos store is very  near from
 our restaurant「YAKINIKU ROKKO」.

We are surprised that many foreign customers know well about  Japanese manga and say they want to buy manga,toys ,figures.

If you can't find the store ask somebody in Japanese
「Where is MANDARAKE?」→「MANDARAKE wa doko de su ka?」

We started facebook and will introduce more interest information of Osaka , Kyoto, Kobe ,Nara
and other of Japan !

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