Monday, December 20, 2010

『Japanese style bbq restaurant in Shinsaibashi , Osaka ,Japan』


Yakiniku is  grilled  meat.

You grill your own meat at your table.

Sit around the table and cook the beef on the grill.
Also cook chicken, pork,and  vegetables the same way.
And use the dipping sauce.

Yakiniku is very popular in Japan.

If you want to eat as much as you want
and don't want to worry about  the payment
try at the restaurant like us.

We are the All-you-can-eat Japanese style bbq restaurant in Osaka .

ALL- you- can -drink is available.

★with Aplan(2050yen) plus 1500yen

★with Bplan(2550yen) plus 1300yen

★with Cplan (3050yen) plus 1200yen

Beer ,Japanese Sake ,Shouchu, Whiskey,Cocktail,
Soft drink are included inside All -you -can-drink menu.

【Effective only when all members of your group take this deal.】

We also have English menu .

Enjoy  『YAKINIKU』! ! !

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【shopping】『Pokemon center osaka』in DAIMARU department store

The biggest 「Pokemon center」  in JAPAN  was opened   2010  November  inside
「DAIMARU OSAKA UMEDA 」13floor.(DAIMARU is a large department store. )
There is  no English website of 「Pokemon center osaka」,so check
 the English website of  「DAIMARU OSAKA UMEDA」
Check the map!  Good location!

「Pokemon」 is the popular character of the animated cartoon.

It is global popularity.

You can buy  toy,book, CD ,DVD,
stationary ,and also originary goods sold only  here.

You can buy toy,book, CD ,DVD,


department store
Adress 3-1-1 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka
13th floor
Located in the very near from Osaka station.
Business hour :  10:00am~8:00pm
no regular closing days

"Uniqlo" is on the 13th floor, too


Japanese style BBQ all-you-can-eat restaurant 『YAKINIKU ROKKO』
in Shinsaibashi,Osaka,Japan

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Map is necessary for tourist, so when you arrive  at osaka  find  the
「Osaka city visitors information center 」 (inside Kansai airport)

  Osaka subway website
(including convenient   subway pass information)

There are many kinds of  osaka  map in English  (good one and also bad one),
I wish you can get the  good  map.

Ⅰ recommend the map   「 EXPLORER OSAKA」
You can get it at the airport  ,hotel, travel information center ,osaka castle and so on.

Find this map !!
also food and shopping information
is inside

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JAPAN travel web site

So useful website !!

Also a lot of information about OSAKA.

If you can get good information before you travel JAPAN
Ⅰ think your travel will become more interesting.



(about food,shopping,culture,map and so on )


You can get Shopping,Entertainment ,Accommodations,Food,Sightseeing,activities,information.

Enjoy JAPAN ! !



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uniqlo Shinsaibashi opened on Friday,October 1st in Shinsaibashi Osaka

Uniqlo Shinsaibashi global flagship store opened
on Friday,October 1st in Shinsaibashi Osaka.
The massive, 2,640 sqm floor at the highly anticipated
Shinsaibashi location will feature the latest quality products
and services.

Friday, September 24, 2010

【Transportation】 From Osaka Station to Shinsaibashi area by subway

If, You are coming  from Osaka station to Shinsaibashi area.
Take Subway Mido-suji line for south bound
and get off at 3rd stop Shinsaibashi station.
It will take in less than 10 minutes to get Shinsaibashi from
Osaka station.